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Letting Go

Letting go is the second most important thing you can do concerning those who have attacked you over the years and failed to reciprocate one iota of adult interaction with you. I figure if they believed it all; if they went along with it; if they instituted or empowered it – then why bother?

Today I let go of all relationships that left me as the last one to ever know anything and the first one to make fun of while ignoring my own needs as they made up stories about me.

Fortunately, I’m not Christian. And there is no forgiveness in my heart for those who wronged me so dearly. All that’s left is the certainty that any relationship between us was only imaginary on my part. Because people who love you do not do to you the things that get done to you during gang stalking episodes. And if they do: then they don’t love you and they certainly do not ever belong in any portion of your lifetime ever again. And I don’t care who they claim to be. No relationship is ever more important than honoring the self. And sometimes the best way to do that is to realize how toxic so many have been to you; and simply let go forever.

Maybe we can all figure it out in the next lifetime. But in this one – any further consideration by me towards those who did me harm has ended. I have no use for enemies that pose as friends and/or family and/or others who supposedly care and/or have my best interests at heart. Not when those interests so obviously do me intrinsic harm; and have done so for years and years. And not when those interests so obviously conflict with what is good and best for me – over anyone else out there in this world.

I’ll let anyone judge me who wants to and thinks they can. But I don’t have to accept those judgments; especially when I know they are incorrect. And I certainly don’t have to listen or let their views influence me further in any way. People who care about you keep you in their life. They don’t refuse to see you. They don’t find reasons to not see you. They don’t play psychological bullshit games to manipulate and so on. They MAKE TIME to see you because you are important to them – period. And when they don’t; when it’s been years in between and all they ever blamed was you for failing to do what was necessary to keep it all going? Well – fuck ’em. Who needs anyone like that around ever again? Certainly not me.

Due to family and friends and others ability to follow this post; it is to be discontinued at this time. I’ve other things to work on now. And an entire host of others to connect with who won’t spend years lying to me about things they thought they were protecting me from when they were too busy to first ask me about; and second of all consider what I might have wanted done – had I been kept informed.

Endings are actually quite easy. It’s with relief that I let go of those who never considered any other wants or needs or wishes except their own. Kinda empowering actually. So I figure: let ’em talk.

Since I only write under pen names; I doubt either of us will know if we will ever connect again. I know I won’t publish any stories or titles that seem familiar for anyone to connect to me. I’m no longer interested in continuing any relationship with anyone who isn’t currently and still in my life; and who is NOT doing me intrinsic harm by the things they do and/or have failed to do over YEARS.

Besides proclaiming your own innocence loudly to yourself; and letting go of those who discount and put you last in their lives forever – I don’t think there is anything else one really needs to do to move beyond what is happening to them. We certainly don’t have to resort to what they are doing; actually, our inability to be like them is #1) why they have hated us so resourcefully and #2) why we’ll never be able to really be close to them or understand each other anyway.

Letting go of anyone and anything that does not leave you feeling connected (without you doing all the work) was the second most important life lesson I learned on my road to recovery. Without it; all your expressions of innocence will never matter to yourself. Because people who are not with you are against you – period. And it’s impossible to explain to those who never ask and/or continue to fail to answer you.

Good luck to all of you. Keep your chin up. Not to be hit at. But to understand how valuable you are when you realize it’s okay to be exactly who you are in this world; so long as you don’t also end up … like THEM.


2011 Pen Name


Appreciate Others Web Posts on Gang Stalking

Had the other web posts not been out there about gang stalking, I don’t know how I would have been able to tie so many things together that were happening. I am grateful for that. Grateful that others are trying to figure things out and come up with ideas on what might be happening to them. Without the generation of those ideas, I wouldn’t have been able to put together the things that I have concerning me.

It’s difficult to comprehend the vast scope behind all the gang stalking predators out there that people are coming up against. I guess I think that gang stalking is simply a more advanced form of vigilante. Let’s face it, if even half the things being said were true; people could take us to court on them initially. But it seems like they just misinterpreted¬†incorrectly and make things up as they go along. Like they came across an idea and decided to go with it.

I think that most of the people I’ve come across know that the things they are saying aren’t true. It’s just a way for the justification of hatred that they feel. If it wasn’t us; it would be somebody else. Because these people hate others. They hate others and they go after them.

They are really no different from serial rapists or killers. And they’ll keep doing it until someone out there finds a way to stop them. I’m not that person. I’m not in law enforcement. Someone else is going to have to figure that one out. I don’t have the means, the equipment, or even the right intuition.

But I do have something none of them can take from me. Something introduced to me a long time ago when other forms of vicious attack ocurred. I have my right to reclaim my innocence. To recognize and know that all of this has nothing to do with me. That it only has to do with the vicious predators out there: some sexual, some otherwise.

They are the predators. They like to think of us as their victims. My suggestion? Take a self defense class or two. Do what you can to protect your own sanity. Listen to music through headphones – even when you go out if you can. Play your radio in your car. Sleep with cotton in your ears and/or ear plugs. Barricade your door in a manner that only someone breaking in can get to you. Then have your cell phones handy and your defensive strategies planned. Take back the night. Take back the day. Take back your life.

Most importantly, keep posting online. Because others are reading it. And it’s helping. It helps you, it helps me; it helps others.

Gang stalkers are vigilantes who are using the tools of listing someone to do them intrinsic harm that follows them around for what could end up being a lifetime. They are the predators: not you; not me. Take back your right of innocence.

Keep posting. I enjoy surfing and reading about you all.

2011 Penned Name (My other pen name got stolen. LOL Like that could stop me.)

P.S. Next posting on other strategies we can use to help ourselves. Plan on posting once weekly.